Chrisje Zuur

Chrisje Zuur (1970) studied civil law and criminal law in Leiden and in Paris. She was sworn in as a lawyer in Rotterdam in 1996 and soon focused solely on handling criminal cases. In 1999 she made the switch to Amsterdam. Chrisje Zuur has extensive litigation experience in extensive, complex and controversial criminal cases, both in first instance at the court and in appeal to the court of justice. She specializes in Opium Act cases, violent cases, money laundering cases, confiscation cases and financial criminal law. She combines a strong dose of fighting spirit and great involvement with her clients with good case knowledge. In this way she manages to bring many criminal cases to a successful conclusion, either through negotiations with the public prosecutor or with the judge. She is a member of the Dutch Association of Criminal Law Attorneys and the Dutch Flemish Association for Criminal Law.

mr. Chrisje Zuur